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Interested in what bus building is all about? Do you enjoy sleeping on backroads, Walmarts, and in one of a kind?


If so, then join Jess Rambo, John & Fin Kernohan and Daniel Messick (Certified Victron Technician) for their Building Workshops + Camp, which is being held at The MakersSpace Homestead & Stay. Get away, relax, enjoy, learn, have fun, be educated, share, and camp in the Georgia woods on Rambo’s beautiful and secluded 6-acre homestead.


This 3-day retreat, which include camping, off-grid workshops & learning sessions, live music, and night-time activities…

PLUS great fellowship & fun!

~ Workshops and Educational Sessions..

Inspect Your Rig Before You Buy

How to do proper research, choose the right Vehicle for your situation, and taking the time to find the right vehicle.

Mechanical Repairs

Before you start sinking money into your Build, you need to thoroughly go through every system; Engine, Transmission, Drive Train, Brakes, Suspension, Frame, Electrical, Heating and Cooling, Fuel Lines, Brake Lines, Air Lines, Air Canisters, etc.

Demo, Rust, Leak, and Mold Repairs

During the Demo phase you'll still be checking for “issues” primarily with the frame, ribbing, potential leaks, rust, mold, and any additional damage. - Remove the seats, and any factory equipment you don't want to keep. Take out the wall and ceiling panels, and remove the factory Insulation.

Plan + Re-Examine Your Plan

you're pretty sure your Design is perfect, but now that you've seen the deep dark crevasses of the Bus, and noticed odd little things protruding in odd little places, you should take some time to go through each and every detail of the Build. We will show you those and things to look out for while planning.

To Raise or not To Raise the roof?, Body Repairs and Windows, Penetrations and Holes

Raising the Roof is no small undertaking, and comes with a lot of potential problems and expenses. - It is not a DIY project for the novice. 

It requires a specific skillset and equipment, as well as some creative thought and engineering.  Deleting or replace any windows and fix all the seals and we will talk about the pros and cons of window deletes, RV windows, and keeping the original windows. 

Exterior Paint

Start thinking about painting your Rig, what is required to Convert Your Title and, attention during those many runs to the hardware store, early camping trips, or practice driving.

Take a look at your Insurance, AND other government documentation

Converted Title,  Commercial Insurance vs, RV policy.


Exterior Add-Ons (Racks, Ladders, Brackets)

Connecting rough Mounts for any exterior Ladders, Racks, Solar, correctly securing to the framing.   


Insulation (Roof and Walls), including building the Sub Floor

“Do I need to insulate the Bus?” “Can I just keep the original ceiling, walls, and insulation?” - Of course you can. But let's discuss why or why not you would want to do that. Are you planning to run Water, Propane, or Power lines under the floor? Let’s talk about that too.


Installing and securing Stud Walls

Once you have the final dimensions and placements, you’ll learn how to start putting things into your bus.


Rough in Wiring, Plumbing, and Propane

Running all the wires, plumbing, and propane lines through the walls, roof, and floor from the source to where they connect can be scary. But we are gonna get through it.


Rough in Cabinetry and Custom Furniture

If you're constructing your own bed, storage, or cabinets, this section is for you if you aren’t planning to build them yourself, guess what? This is for you too!


Ceiling and Walls

There's a reason you do this after roughing in the plumbing, wiring, and vents, as well as stud walls and cabinetry. We will get into this and how to navigate all the twists and turns you’ll encounter. Don’t worry. You will!

Counters, Surfaces, and Color

Finished surfaces, counter tops, cabinet doors and drawers, and complete the interior Paint and Stain. - Let's add some color! And get to work.


Solar, Plumbing, and Propane Systems

While these are actually three Big and Separate steps in the process, and will each take a lot of time, the rules are the same. - Starting with the Outlets, Lights, and Fixtures work backward to the source and test each connection as you go. This will include mounting brackets, tanks, Solar Elements, and and Shore Connections. - Take your time and make sure it's right. - For more Info: Solar SetupWater SetupPropane Setup.  This tends to be the most daunting, but the most important part of a build.


Trim and Furniture

Utilizing the holes, brackets, and stubbed off wires and pipe you made for these back in Steps 8 through 20, you're finally ready to set up the fun stuff! 



“Do I build the entire finished floor, then build the walls and cabinetry on top, or build those on the Sub Floor and put the finished floor in last?” - This is one of the first points of contention in many Builds and we are going to go through all the steps on how to make the decision for you.


Appliances and Electronics

Utilizing the holes, brackets, and stubbed off wires and pipe you made and start making your home, your home.

🏡 Tour Homestead property, animal snuggles, plans and future of our property, and 🎶 LIVE Music 

🔥 Bonfire, Potluck & Good Times on Saturday Night

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