Jessica Rambo

Founder, Skoolie Builder

Jessica Rambo, Marine Corps veteran, is pursuing her dream of traveling with her herd, and providing art to the veteran community.

Rambo uses her ten years of service in the Marine Corps to inspire her work and her passion to continue to serve. She has traveled the globe in search of adventures that capture the essence of hardworking service members and a diverse range of cultures and is now ready to take her family along for the ride...

Driven by the passionate belief that every veteran deserves a safe space for families to come together and bond, Rambo and her family have collectively created Painted Buffalo Studio to bring art to the veteran community. 

The Rambo Family converted a 1997 Blue Bird school bus into a full time tiny house on wheels and traveling studio. They moved in on August 1, 2019. Full time bus livers include, Jessica (Mom), Liam (9 yrs old), Skyler (12 yrs old, Bella (Service Dog, Black Lab), Atlas (Blue Heeler) and Sushi. (Turkish Van Cat)


Collin Yarbourgh

Painted Buffalo Board of Directors Member

Collin Yarborough, a Marine Corps Veteran, University of North Carolina Greensboro Graduate, and recently accepted an Internship at the San Francisco VA working with an incredible recreational therapy team to better serve the veterans! Here's to giving quality service to our vets! 

"Art is a way to describe our minds when we can’t turn our thoughts into words. I’ve been personally impacted by the benefits that painted buffalo has to offer. Bringing a veteran community together through something most of us would never think to do."


Brad Hoffman

Painted Buffalo Board of Directors Member

Brad Hoffman is currently an active duty Army SGT, tattoo artist and lives in Ohio.


"I have seen and felt, on the personal level, the joy and stress relief that art and creating art can bring to veterans. I’m excited to be part of the journey of Painted Buffalo and help serve my fellow vets."


Stan Lake

Painted Buffalo Board of Directors Member

Stan Lake, Army National Guard/ OIF Veteran, Documentary Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer, Founder of Catching Creation, Part time reptile rapper.


“Art has always been a way for me to process the mess in my brain.  For as long as I can remember I’ve used art and creativity as a way to give myself a mission and bring beauty into the world.  I love the mission of Painted Buffalo in the way it creates community and gives the gift of creative expression for veterans who often need a new mission or a way to refocus post service.”


Lauryn Dougherty

Painted Buffalo Board of Directors Member

Lauryn Dougherty is an Air Force combat Veteran, a momma to two little boys, the Arizona state director for a human rights organization, a lactation support counselor, and a biological anthropology student at The University of Arizona. 

“Art is an important outlet for many people, especially veterans. It allows the mind to speak freely through creativity while providing the artist with a sense of accomplishment and self worth. Art is an excellent tool to express yourself on the days it may be hard to find the words.”