There are different ways to partner with Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio. We are appreciative of any size donation, every little bit helps. 
As a sponsor, we will work together to create cause-related and cross-promotional marketing opportunities while supporting our Veteran Artist initiatives. Just as companies can sponsor a sports team and display their corporate name on the jerseys, you can also sponsor a Veteran and display your corporate name and logo on the Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio and on a Paint Can.
It’s a great way to tell the world about your company’s support for our service members.
When we talk to potential sponsors, we want to make sure this partnership is a good fit for both of us. We are not simply asking for a check.
At Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio, relationships with our supporters mean the world to us — and the veterans we serve.
We will work with you to customize a sponsorship that works for you and your company so you get the best return on your investment.
That’s why we offer a limited number of exclusive openings each year to sponsor a Veteran Artist.
It’s important to us that we build relationships and everyone sees the value of your sponsorship and that we provide the best marketing opportunities to you while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of The Painted Buffalo for those we serve.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

There are two ways that you can participate in the Paint Can Project. First you can donate art supplies or other veteran friendly products to the project. We pack our ammo boxes full of goodies so that when a veteran is gifted a box, they have all they need to tell their own story through art. We continue to travel throughout the year and meet up with veterans across the country its sometimes hard to get mail, because of this we have Patreon. This is a monthly donation spot where you get special content, behind the scene look, and sometimes special gifts in the mail. With the funds raised this way, we are able to pick up supplies or specific needs for a veteran when we are traveling without a mail box. Either way you choose to contribute to the Paint Can Project is just providing one more veteran with a holistic outlet of self expression and being able to tell their own story through art. 
Check out the amazing Sponsors who have already joined "The Paint Can Project" movement. 
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