Skoolie For Sale

Asking Price: $50,000

Thank you so much in your interest in the Painted Buffalo Traveling Studio 1.0 . After 2 years full time, 50+k miles, and an uncountable amount of adventures our beautiful, unique home is ready for their next adventure. 

Don't fret though, with the same creative flow of The Painted Buffalo 1.0 we plan on building her sister, The Painted Buffalo 2.0.

In 2018 the bus was purchased from Tom's River High School East Marching band, gutted and fitted with the warm and cozy log cabin you see today. It's raw edges in some places and crisp lines in others gives the balance of masculine and feminine. 

With open concept, homey feels, and warm but dark colors the bus is laid out perfectly for a small family. It would make a great full-time home for you just as it has been for us, or it could be a uniquely beautiful vacation home on wheels or home studio space in the backyard.

The floors, walls, and ceiling are all well insulated.  Under the flooring is a layer 3inches of spray foam and topped by a plywood subfloor. The floors are finished with custom made wood planks.

The walls and ceiling are insulated with sprayfoam and parts are insulated with Havelock wool insulation, a non-toxic and very effective product.

The windows feature custom made canvas curtains insulated with reflectex, and 11 of the windows are screened.

Our living room area features a comfy 8 foot sofa (long and wide enough to serve as a guest bed for one adult), under we added two large storage drawers and an open concept storage bin. 

Directly across from the sofa is our Cubic mini Grizzly and a 2 person seating area for board games, homework and dinners. Each seat of the bench area is made for storage. We used them for climbing gear and shoe storage. 

There is a no tv in our skoolie, but there is plenty of space to add one on the front wall above the wind shield. For a few months we had one there, but we were too busy adventuring and having family time to use it.  

The spacious double sided  kitchen features a two burner propane stove/oven combo. Our high quality drawers and cabniets are topped by a butcher block counter. This kitchen also features a lazy Susan for all your food pantry needs. Trash and recycling bins are stored under the large double basin sink with plenty of room for composting dirt, dog/cat food, and cleaning supplies.

The refrigerator is a black, 10.2 cu. ft. Magic Chef fridge/freezer.  It sits on top of a boost to give the fringe a more eye level view. This arrangement makes the contents of the fridge very easy to see and access.

Our bathroom is small but functional, and comes with a Nature Head composting toilet. This room also features our Complex ventless hot water heater and room for a litter box. The bathroom door is a custom made bard door that slides for privacy for convience. 

The Tub area features a 2ft by 4ft galvanized horse trough surrounded by white subway tiles, shelving, and fogged over windows for privacy. Behind the tiles is Kerdi Board backing, which is lightweight and flexible, making it perfect for use in a home that moves.  The tub area also features many hooks for towels, a curtain, or a scrubber. 

The bus has two areas designated for sleeping. The back bed is a full size memory foam mattress, storage shelves on both dies of the entrance, and a large storage cabinet for extra clothing, bedding, or books. The bunk area features a custom size twin mattress with shelving build in as a headboard. The food of the bed is currently featuring a aquarium with our gecko Lemon. This bunk has build in storage under the mattress, under the bed frame, and above the entire bunk. Under the kids bunk also has build in laundry basket space. 

There are 17 12v LED, warm white, recessed lights throughout the bus. 


You’ll find standard 120v wall plugs conveniently located throughout the bus (8 in total).

Our garage/utility space is found underneath the back bed, and is accessible through the back door of the bus, as well as the front.

The kitchen is fully plumbed with a shore water connection and a 100 gallon freshwater tank, located under master bed. Wastewater is collected in a 40 gallon gray water tank that has standard RV drain connections.

With personal comfort in mind, the bus can be kept at the right temperature during cold months with the 5,000BTU diesel heater installed that provides plenty of heat while using very little resources.

This bus is fun to drive, with a short wheel base that makes for a very tight turning radius.  It fits comfortably in two standard parking spaces.  Its compact size makes it easy to find camping spots, and it has plenty of room inside for full time living.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. You can reach us at or call (808)349-8297.

Bus information:
  • 1997, BlueBird, TC 2000 , All - American

  • 32 feet long, bumper to bumper

  • Cummins 5.9L

  • Diesel

  • Miles 193k

  • Tire tread remaining 80%

  • Rear Wheels, Dual

  • Motor Location, Front

  • Drivetrain 2WD


Custom features:


  • 4 solar panels adding up to 640 Watts Solar on roof

  • 1 200Ah Dakota Lithium Ion Battery

  • 100 Gallon Fresh water tank

  • 40 gallon grey tank

  • 30 Gallon Propane tank

  • Full size master bed with large storage garage under

  • Toilet room featuring hot water heater and nature’s head composting toilet

  • One twin size kids bunk with loads of storage above and below sleeping area

  • 2ft x 4ft deep soak tub/shower combo

  • Full working kitchen with double basin sink, stove/oven combo and plenty of kitchen storage

  • 10.2 cubic ft full size fridge/freezer

  • 8ft memory foam cushion couch with built in storage

  • One of a kind wood flooring

  • Cubic Mini Grizzly mini stove

  • Tons of storage and room for all your adventure gear

  • Custom built roof deck for all your picnic and star gazing needs